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Here are some pix from Ground Zero (or as Cardinal Egan called it today - Ground Hero!). Mindy & I went there today and walked around. In the first few pix (by number), you are looking up Fulton Street, about 2 blocks from Tower #1. The small stubble of a building (about six stories high) at the end of the street (by the NYC sign) is what's left of #1. The pictures where you see a street with a Chinese Restaurant awning on the right, well, that awning is where I was standing when #2 was hit, and the bright blue sky in the upper left corner is where #1 used to be (about 3 blocks away)...

additional photos sent by mom and dad show scenes from long island - smoke can be seen from the parkways that lead to NYC, and NY is showing its patriotism...

soliders patrol lower manhattan

soldiers patrol lower manhattan 

soldiers patrol lower manhattan

street in the aftermath 

remains of tower 1

remains of tower 1 

a deserted mcdonald's 

dad wuz here - the twin towers should be sticking up on the left where only blue sky now shows

smoke can be seen from the grand central

smoke can be seen from the grand central parkway on long island


LGA flag

a huge flag on display at laguardia airport on long island


the flag waves at the george washington bridge - i sat in traffic on this bridge 2
days before the attacks and stared at the beautiful skyline... almost whipped
out my camera on that gorgeous day but then thought, nah, i'll
get it next time, the skyline will still be there... little did i know...