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>> about me

visit this page to learn the basics about me, my friends, family, job, etc. also will include my online resume and promotional offers for you to get your own website designed by yours truly!

>> my stuff

like the old "stuff that rules" section, only this will now include entertainment pages, such as movies, music, etc., as well as general links.  i woulda called this section entertainment but that word is too long to fit on the buttons :)  this is also where you will find "ca's quotes," now with images!!  check it out!!

>> say what?

this is kind of the "news" page, as well as a place for me to vent or just discuss anything i think is interesting, important, or amusing.  i could be wondering why anyone voted for bush, i could be pissed that someone didn't signal before a turn, i could be defending napster.  who knows.  as the great philosopher beavis once said, "do not make my bunghole angry! run as you may, you can never escape the wraith of the almighty bunghole."  feel free to write in if you have controversial, entertaining, or obnoxious thoughts on any subject at all and maybe you'll see your comments.

>> photos

pretty self-explanatory.  this section will have, um, photos.  oh but those funny pictures of people in compromising positions or clothing will be included in that "my stuff" section under "funny" or something like that.

>> sign in sign the guestbook or view what others have written.

>> september 11

i have tried to put together a bunch of resources to help everyone cope with what has happened.  this month (and probably beyond that) the "say what" page is dedicated to trying to make some sense out of this horrendous attack against our country.  on that page you will find my comments, and the comments of other users,  also found on this page.  on the links page, i have listed a number of websites with information, thoughts, or chances for you to help the nation recover.  there is also a collection of those emails that have been circulating following the tragedy, from moving tributes, to humorous expressions of anger and frustration, including some of the images Americans have put together with their thoughts to whoever is responsible.  please feel free to send people the URL to the collection, http://erosen.tripod.com/new/html/links.html#wtcread, to avoid sending the long emails over and over again.  if you have received an email forward about this tragedy, whether it is a commentary, humor, or image, please send it to me.

i hope the resources i have collected will help you somehow to deal with what happened.  i hope it will make you think, maybe laugh, or at least smile, so you can remember the things in life that we are all lucky to still have.  please feel free to send me any thoughts you have, and please indicate whether it is ok to share with other people.