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>> syosset triplex; my second home  it started out as a job, but turned into an amazing experience with some of the best friends i ever had.  on august 19, 1992, i went to see a movie at the syosset triplex and left as an employee.  i worked there until the theater was torn down in 1995, if you can call it work when they pay you to have lots of fun with your friends and pig out on free popcorn.

here are a few pictures of some of my best friends who i happened to meet while working at the syosset triplex.

if you have a picture you'd like to contribute, email me a description of a regular photo, or attach the digital photo.

maureen and me

maureen, my best friend in the whole world!
this was taken at her engagement party, august 16, 1997

kevin, chris, heath

my three musketeers:  kevin, chris, and heath

mo and my car

"and all this can be yours if the price is right!"
maureen and i had to take my new car for a spin!  (summer 1995)