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i watch a lot of tv. it was my major in college. you could say i am addicted to it. it just fascinates me. i am into so many different kinds of shows too. i'm a freak like that. here is what i have been watching lately...

how i met your mother, sopranos, entourage, simpsons, csi, desperate housewives, dead zone, rules of engagement, any of those home flipping shows, 24, pushing daisies, chuck

the ones that were on here as of the last time i updated this page many years ago:

24. i am so addicted to this show, even tho the intriguing plot twists have not really been surprising me. the real-time angle is a cool gimmick but i hardly notice it anymore. oh and i love keifer sutherland. always have. ever since stand by me. this one fills the void left when one of my favorite espionage-action-dramas, la femme nikita, went off the air.

south park. it still cracks me up, altho as time has gone by, they have gotten a little more over-the-top with their humor. some of the episodes, i gotta say, they are a little out of control and sometimes just disturbing, but for the most part still a hysterical parody of everything in the news. anyone who can create a loveable character out of a piece of poo gets my vote. and someone had to fill the void left by the departure of my dear friends beavis and butthead.

friends. still as funny to me as it ever was. i watch the reruns at dinnertime, 2 episodes a day, and i'm still not sick of it.

simpsons. i have to say i did overdose on this show at some point when it was on 3 times a day, but it is still one of the most clever, subtly hilarious shows ever created. i love all the little inside industry jokes and pop-culture references. some of the episodes i must have seen hundreds of times and still catch things i missed before.

family guy. just randomly funny. OH YEAH!!!

real world/road rules. blame it on my psychology minor, i am still fascinated by these shows, seeing how people interact and how their views are influenced by their castmates. i also love to laugh at the stupid things they do. and i can say i was there from the beginning of reality tv when the original new york real world started over a decade ago!

la femme nikita. it's been off the air for a while but this was one of my favorite shows.

as you probably guessed i mostly like comedies, and some action thrown in. reality tv, sure. i get stuck on movie channels a lot too (which kills me because my cable bill is getting ridiculous yet i can't bear to part with any of the premiums). i wind up watching movies i have already seen 8 billion times. while flipping through i think, oh i saw this already, but somehow wind up watching it again. well i think i am going to go to bed now because it's gettin late, and my cousin vinny is on HBOPlus - i don't want to get stuck on it and go to bed at 2 AM!