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thanksgiving at the goldbergs' in jersey, november 2003

it was the usual rosen entertainment for thanksgiving in jersey, complete with wackiness, family photos, and this year, poppi and dad in good health! we all had a lot to be thankful for!

poppi's first request: a coors light! jen and sharon are glad to share!

alec tries to sneak one in but poppi says "my beer!"

dad was feeling much better and was ready for a toast himself!

cory's just hangin' around, upside down that is


alec and cory had some very special desserts


that's a delicious big bird pastry that cory is about to be wearing well!


cory goes incognito as ayla poses for the camera...


... and again with ayla and me

cory's masterpiece, he may have a future in photography


daniel, ayla, and me


somewhere out there is the better shot of this picture of alec, jeremy, cory, and daniel


jeremy and cory

jeremy tries to tell jeff that's a shot of apple juice, but ayla won't let her dad fall for that one again




we hear there's a buffet up the street that's only $7.95!


jen and cory


and in a new family tradition, the whole family gathered around for
uncle barry's heart-warming reading of "walter the farting dog"