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>> syracuse friends  here are a bunch of pictures of some my friends from syracuse university.  i will keep adding a few here and there.  if you have a picture you would like to see here please send it to me electronically, or email me a description if you don't have it in digital form.

for more photos of my syracuse friends, visit the KDR photo gallery and the boston albums.

su pictures, 1997-1999


becca, me and greg, homecoming 2000


group hug for the seniors at the KDR formal, 1999:
eric, jon, nick, mark, ike, andy, akiva, and barto


emily and chris at the formal


greg, mark, nick, tyrone at the formal


laura, ca, and megan at the formal


megan monroe and la femme nikit-ca, in my first and only day as a blond, halloween 2000

old school pics

Zach & Keith 

Zach and Keith jam at KDR , Spring '97



Keith and Zach are proud of graduates Yonny and Eric, 5/97


Me with Hope and Jobar at the KDR Formal, 5/97

Keith and Eric, Moose! 

Keith and Eric of the "Moose" posse

G & Ike 

Greg and Ike in Arizona, 12/97

Jimmy & Yonny 

Jimmy and Yonny in Arizona, 12/97

me shannon rick and nicole

me, shannon, rick, and nicole partyin at 311 euclid

Fla Trip 

Road-tripping to the Orange Bowl, 12/98


Mark, Greg, and Tyrone at Darwins, Dolphin Daze '99


Emily and Me at the KDR Toga Party, 4/99


Me and Jill at the KDR Formal, 4/99


Cheech, Me, and Louis at the KDR Formal, 4/99

davy and orit 

Mr. and Mrs. Dave and Orit Daly, 7/25/99


Yonny finally visited from LA-la land!!!


Me and Eric at Dave's wedding, 7/99


Me and Jimmy at Dave's wedding


Ike and Me


A bunch of KDR brothers pose with Davy and Orit

more pics...