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road trips

within this area you will find all of the things that keep me entertained.  music, movies, links, comedy, etc.  some of the things you may be lookin for: 
  • my apartment - check out the new condo

  • ca's quotes - hilarity live from SU (temporarily down - will be setup as a password-protected area soon!)
  • on the funny page you'll find those pictures of my friends and family with their heads on the bodies of interesting characters.
  • survivor, shmurvivor; try a car ride to florida with only snickers bars as nourishment and a challenge to find orange and blue face paint, a cooler,  and a portable tv, all for under $100.  that and many more tales in the road trips section.
  • on the music page you will find my cd collection, info on some of my favorite bands and music-related links, and info on concerts and other musical events in my area, such as the story of my pearl jam concert-going experience.
  • as you may already know, i used to work at a movie theater, and you'll find some of my artifacts from the syosset triplex days, as well as some of my favorite movies, on the movies page.
  • i'm also working on a tv page with tributes to some of my favorite tv shows, past and present.
  • and finally, there is the links page, with a list of other resources you might find interesting.