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states i have been in at some point in my life:

canada (not a state but i did drive there)
long island, ny

new hampshire
new jersey
new york
north carolina
south carolina

Some friends of mine have this theory. They decided that the country is really only about 280 miles wide, and the highways all just loop around to make us think it is bigger. It's this whole government conspiracy. I don't know if they are on to something but it has sure been fun testing the hypothesis.

I looooooooooove to drive. Sometimes I have a destination, sometimes not. Sometimes I drive nearby, sometimes I wind up at the far corners of the country. Sometimes I am in a car that is happy to come along, sometimes not.  But among all the cars I have driven are over 100,000 miles worth of exploration of America's highways, streets, and back roads.  Survivor, shmurvivor!  Before Richard Hatch ever became the most famous fat naked gay guy in the world, before Eco-challenge set up shop in Borneo, before Road Rules All-Stars, my friends and I were setting our own reward challenges, like making it to Florida with nothing but a car, some goldfish crackers, and waffle house, and then tracking down orange face paint, a cooler, and a portable TV, all for under $100.  Survive that, Ogakor!

Anyway, if you have some free time, you'd like to do some cheap travelling within the United States, and you're looking for some cool places to go, follow me… it will be much easier if you live on the east coast like I do, but I would never discourage those of you out west from heading this way…

Please pick from the list of states I have visited (any state I have ever set foot in is listed here, they don't all have useful information yet). Until I can post more information, * will mark the states that I have posted stories to so far. I have started adding some scrapbook stuff to these pages as well, states with scrapbooks are indicated by a +.  I highly recommend checkin out Florida with my "Diary of a Road Trip" extravaganza.  Unlinked stated will be up soon.

Other resources to help plan road trips (tho some of the best ones don't involve planning at all!):

  • City-Maps.com - get free maps or order maps and mapping supplies
  • City.Net - click on Maps to see detailed maps of major cities in the country or overseas
  • Fact Maps - list of map sites with different useskeys
  • Freetrip.com - great for planning road trips, use your preference of roads you would like to take to get detailed directions and calculate how long each leg of your trip will take
  • Microsoft Expedia - register to receive information, make reservations, etc.
  • Microsoft Expedia Maps - driving directions, points of interest, make your own custom maps, etc.
  • Tiger Mapping Service - detailed maps you can customize to show county lines, bodies of water,  points of interest
  • Travelocity - make reservations, find info on hotels, car rentals, airlines, etc.
  • Yahoo! - get maps, driving  directions, or look up the specific place you are interested in
  • Priceline - bargains if you don't mind flying at 4 AM, also great deals on car rentals and hotels.