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Cousins Jen, Ayla, and Steph

Jennifer, Ayla, Stephanie,
Jen's Sweet 16, 1992


Bro-J and Cousin Saul 

Jeremy and Saul, 1995(?)

Cousin Saul

Saul strikes a pose, 1996(?)

Saul swings 

Saul soars on his swing,  1996 (?)


Me and mini-Ayla 

Me and Ayla in RI,  2/91


Cousin Ayla poses in a hat 

Ayla helps Jeffrey prove  that hats make awesome kiddie picture props, 10/93

my 21st b-day 

My 21st birthday at Don Juan (3/97)
Clockwise from upper left: Stephanie, Me,
Mom, Sharon, Dad, Sheli, and Barry

Mariachi Dad 

Dad was born to be a mariachi hombre


Cubbie 1984-1998

Cubbie sleeps in our  neighbor's yard, 1997


Mom and Aunt Sharon 

Mom and Sharon


Cousins Alec and Chaim 

Chaim and Alec at the Goldbergs' pool, 7/98


Cousins Alec, Rina, and Steph 

Alec, Rina, and Steph at Jonathan's Bar Mitzvah, 3/97

Cousins Saul, Cory, Ayla, Alec

Saul, Cory, Ayla, and Alec, 1999

Ayla & Saul

Ayla and Saul at Ian's Bar Mitzvah, 3/00


thanksgiving 1998

Thanksgiving '98:
Top row  - Jeff, Chaim, Mehma, Harvey, Barry, Sharon, Jenn, Mindy, Lynne, David
Bottom row - Ian, Ayla, Daniel, Howie, Saul, Poppi, Jonathan, Jeremy, Alec, Steph, Jody, Cory, Rina



Ian's Bar Mitzvah, March 2000:
Jeremy, Me, Ayla, Peter, Saul, Stephanie, Jennifer, Jon