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wow. i really haven't updated this page in a loooong time. last time i updated it i don't think ipods even existed. well i will work on it... but here's what it had as of 2004!

i LOVE music. i LIVE music.  every memory i have in my entire life has a song associated with it.  i can hear a song and remember the first time i heard it.  i couldn't live if i couldn't sing in my car every day or get my groove on at the clubs.  as far as what i listen to, you know how people say they will listen to anything but country?  well once in a while i have to admit i have sung along with a country song.  i was usually drunk when that happened but hey what can ya do.  it really depends on my mood tho.  mostly i listen to alternative, modern rock, that kind of thing.  but i love the 80s flashbacks, i love hip hop and rap when i feel like dancing, i love more mellow stuff when i feel like chillin or being bummed or whatever.  it's all good.  if it makes you feel something it's good music.  unless it makes you feel like whipping out a hammer and smashing the bejeezus out of the radio.  which is why i don't like boy bands.  but, hey, some people apparently are touched by their music.  so those people can listen to the backdoor boys and out-of-sync as much as they like until they grow out of it.  "but i ain't one to gossip so you ain't heard that from me."

there's such a range of stuff i like from all different categories. my favorite band ever is still pearl jam. i was lucky enough to see all 3 of their boston shows and they were AWESOME! i'll get a list up on here soon of my favorite CDs... stay tuned!

now playing in my car:

Pearl Jam - Lost Dogs

past selections:

spring 2004

White Trash Beautiful by Everlast - come on, how romantic is this! Excerpt: "White Trash Beautiful, There's something you should know/My heart belongs to you/I know you coulda found a better guy/I'll love you till the day I die/I swear to God it's true/I'm comin' home to you girl"

Badfish by Sublime - in honor of the birthday outing to see sublime cover band of the same name. um just a li'l bit prophetic considering lead singer brad nowell died of an overdose a few years later. Excerpt: "Ain’t got no money to spend/I hope the night will never end/Ain’t got no quarrels with God/ain’t got no time to grow old/Lord knows I’m weak/Won’t somebody get me off of this reef"

Angel's Song by Sevendust - good dealing-with-death song for a former bandmate who passed away. Excerpt: "You were fighting everyday/So hard to hide the pain/I know you never said goodbye/I had so much left to say/One last song/Given to an Angel's Son/As soon as you were gone"

Love Song by 311 (Cover) - i think i like this better than the original. Excerpt:"Whenever I'm alone with you/You make me feel like I am home again/Whenever I'm alone with you/You make me feel like I am whole again/However far away/However long I stay/Whatever words I say, I will always love you"

crap list:

I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness - oh god please make it stop! who keeps requesting this crap?? Excerpt: "Touching you-oooooooo/touching me-eeeee/touching you gahd you touchin meooooh"

parental advisory:  explicit lyrics i'll have more info up on here soon, including a list of my favorite songs and bands.  please note:  a lot of the stuff i reference here contains strong language, so if you are under 18, well, hey, what can i do about it, hopefully you won't repeat what you hear when your parents are around!

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