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i am a big fan of movies.  i was almost born at a movie theater. i worked in a movie theater. i have made student films.  there's nothing like a good movie to let you forget about anything that is bothering you for a few hours.  sometimes i feel like my life is a movie.  ya ever have that feeling?  well i get it all the time.  anyway i am working on a list of my all-time favorite movies, and movies i consider to be our generation's classics.  here are a few so far, these are the movies you have to see if you were born sometime around the 80s, the ones you hear quotes from probably at least once a week:

  • top gun
  • grease
  • better off dead/one crazy summer
  • spaceballs
  • stand by me
  • little shop of horrors
  • breakfast club, st elmo's fire, sixteen candles and all the other brat pack stuff
  • weird science
  • night of the comet
  • national lampoon's vacation
  • dirty dancing (yeah i know it's kind of cheesy but i can't help watch it every time it's on)

well i am still working on this list.  and i am starting one for the 90s.  let me know if you have any suggestions!

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