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here are some of the more useful and/or entertaining websites i've found out there.  some are just entertaining, some are my friends' homepages, some might be useful to you in your everyday life.  please note that i do not have control over the content of these sites, and while i have marked some that obviously are not intended for the young or easily offended, i can't monitor all of these sites on a regular basis.

generally interesting sites

  • AOL Instant Messenger - If you have an email account, you should sign up for this service!  It is just amazing.  Real-time chat with anyone (look for kiggityca...). It's great, it's free, just do it already would ya?!  I currently have 99 people on my buddy list, if you have a new account and want to be the 100th buddy of kiggityca, let me know!!!
  • Alumni Net, Classmates.com - Online directories that list alumni of any high school or college. Good way to track down other alumni for events or to keep in touch.
  • Big Dig- Well, the city of Boston is a complete mess and the construction is making it very  challenging for me to learn the streets around here, but this website explains the purpose for all the chaos. The ultimate goal - to take the main expressway that runs through the heart of Boston, drop the whole thing underground, add new tunnels and bridges, then demolish the old road and cover it with acres of parks and new commercial buildings, all without closing the highway down in the interim - is actually fascinating... Just ignore the issues of fraud and embezzlement and the fact that it is  billions of dollars over budget heh heh...  Actually very interesting if you have ever wanted to know how anyone goes about building a major roadway, tunnel, or bridge.
  • bitchaboutit.com - If you have been ripped off or are pissed about anything from car dealers to computer companies to high cable rates, this is a great place to vent and maybe even get something done about it. I went here to list my grievances with Ford, I'll let you know what comes out of it...

  • BugMeNot - get passwords for almost any website so that you don't have to provide your personal information for a "free" registration.

  • The Complete Idiot's Guide To Washing A Cat - Also from the "How To" family, this one is a must for anyone needing to bathe a feline, or anyone who needs a good laugh. Poor little kitties, but no harm came to them in the making of this story as far as I know... And I'd like to say I am strongly AGAINST washing a cat for no reason at all.
  • Dinosaur Barbeque - If you visit Syracuse ya just gotta eat here at least once.
  • Football Basics (also try this site) - It's a great sport, but a lot of chicks don't get it because most football info is directed at guys.  If you have the time to learn the basics, you may find yourself actually enjoying the games!  Plenty of time to learn before Superbowl '02!
  • How to Eat A Nick Tahou's Garbage Plate - All you need to know to survive your first Rochester Road Trip...
  • How To Troubleshoot a Fax Machine - From the makers of "How To Eat A Nick Tahou's Garbage Plate" comes assistance for those struggling with dysfunctional fax machines.  If you liked the fax-bashing scene in Office Space, you'll love this!
  • The Hunger Site - All you have to do is click and the advertisers on this site donate food to hungry children around the world. Click once a day and who knows, maybe you will make a difference? Also check out the Breast Cancer site, where you can help underpriviledged women receive free mammograms, and Save the Rainforests (also similar to The Hunger Site, who knows, I clicked and it said I saved 12 acres of forest...)

  • ING Direct - best rate on a savings account you will find, convenient online account. if you are interested in opening an account EMAIL ME!! i can get you a $25 bonus!
  • Kansas State University - We love our Kansans...they were much more fun to lose to than the Floridians...

  • march '01 storm(from NECN - I was out next to their truck on the town pier in scituate!) see the video

  • Newgrounds - Home of such fun sites as Telebubby Land (Screw with those retarded Teletubbies), Assassins (Beat the crap out of annoying celebrities), and Beep Me Jesus (A funnier alternative to the  Magic 8-ball).
  • RinkWorks.com - Home of the Dialectizer, which converts sites or text to more colorful forms of jive, pig latin, redneck, etc.  Due to lawsuits it will only translate sites within its domain but it is still pretty funny to read the explanation of copyright infringment translated to "moron."
  • Snotty, beam me up to Syracuse- Don't wait to hear how much snow is in Syracuse, or how much our friends partied on the Hill this weekend - see it live now!  Go to M-street or Clinton Square yourself! You never know, you might see me there! (Provided by Syracuse Online.)



Marshall cam

Clinton Cam

  • Syracuse University - Hey, I spent 5 years there so it's gotta be pretty cool...
  • sodaplay - Um...I don't know how to explain this. Just have a look, it is a good way to get sucked into a few lost minutes with something that probably has no practical use in your life but is somehow  mesmerizing anyway.  Also try the Nofronteran site and leave your creature there for future  generations to see.  Mine is the talking Martini glass.
  • Tripod - Free homepages, other free stuff, start your own chat service, etc.
  • The Ultimate White Pages - Quick link to a bunch of search engines that can find the phone numbers or addresses you forgot. Switchboard and Yahoo! seem to be the most helpful.
  • WhatIsMoving.com - Visit this site to answer the big question on everyone's minds, "What Is Moving?"  You may say, "That's easy, Moving is a really sucky process of packing all your crap into boxes and breaking your back to get some of it into a new apartment or house, while half of it is broken or randomly vanishes into thin air, if you don't pay someone else to break/lose it for you."  Well you are right.  But it is also a cool project by a bunch of indie filmmakers to pack up a bunch of film equipment, bring it to various locations, and try not to break any of it while completely funding their films themselves and through the kindness of volunteers.  Not to mention that these guys are extremely funny and the site itself is pretty snazzy!
  • Webmonkey - Generally a cool site, it's got lots of tutorials and links to learn anything you need to know about the Web.  Taught me advanced HTML and JavaScript in about 3 days.

  • Web TurboTax - Information on your taxes, including how to file electronically for free if you made under $20,000 in the past year.
  • What's in a Name? - Find out the meaning behind your name and how it influences your life. Entertaining and interesting, whether or not it is malarkey. Good resource if you are looking for baby names, tho the majority of names listed are absolutely ridiculous and I hope no one uses them!

entertainment sites

  • Adam Sandler - nuff said.

  • Badfish - awesome Sublime tribute band
  • Beavis and Butthead - Hilarious animated series aimed at adults, full of interesting and amusing allegories to modern culture.  In other words, funny shit.  Oh and lots of random 80s musio videos.  South Park has filled the void but I still miss my two little channel-surfers.
  • Chris Farley - There are about a billion websites out there dedicated to the memory of this absolutely hilarious actor/comedian who has been severly missed since he fulfilled his dream of becoming John Belushi by ODing.
  • Chris Rock - Might possible be one of the funniest people who ever lived.  He is also the reason I had a letter published in Rolling Stone!
  • Database of Misheard Lyrics - If you have ever had someone point out that Jimi Hendrix wasn't saying "Excuse me while I kiss this guy," or catch a similar mistake, find all the lyrics you think you know here.  And no, Joe, Dave Matthews does not sing "Whabba Would You Say."

  • Dead Zone - great show and the little former nerd is now a major hottie!
  • Dr. Dirty - Highly offensive but generally entertaining.
  • IFuse Celebrity Flush - Flush annoying pop stars down the toilet! Nominate the next flushee!
  • Internet Movie Database - A great resource for anyone with any interest in movies, or anyone who can't remember the name of that movie with that guy... search by movie title, actor, crew member, etc., find out what films/TV shows someone has been in, etc.
  • La Femme Nikita - One of my favorite shows, if you like it try the movie of the same name [if you speak french or you don't mind subtitles, otherwise try the American version, "Point of No Return"].
  • The Onion - Online "news" service of bogus and often hilarious stories and editorials.
  • The Scooby Doo Ate My Balls Website - I love Scooby Doo, this isn't anti-Scooby at all, it is really funny, part of the trend of "...Ate My Balls" sites. Look for an amusing South Park reference!!
  • The Simpsons - Hilarious and long-running animated series aimed at adults, full of interesting and amusing allegories to modern culture.  In other words, funny shit.  (Notice a pattern here?)
  • South Park - Hilarious animated series aimed at adults, full of interesting and amusing allegories to modern culture.  In other words, funny shit.
  • View Askew Productions - Have you seen Clerks? Mallrats? Chasing Amy?  Well then you may already have heard of the people behind those films and other works of Kevin Smith, also known as THE MAN. If you haven't seen any of them, you must die.  Well ok you can live, but I highly recommend that you rent these.  Now.  Check out the latest installment of the "jersey trilogy," Dogma!!  Also find out about the next one, currently in production!
  • The Wesley Willis Page - Unless you are one of the people who has helped me leave excerpts of Wesley Willis on friends' answering machines, or you happened to catch him on Howard Stern, you have probably never heard of the guy. Well let me tell you, give a schizophrenic homeless man a keyboard and wackiness will ensue. This guy's CD is made up of about 25 songs using only 2 pre-programmed keyboard beats.  It's actually one song 25 times with a different subject every time (Check the lyrics to "Outburst"  for the general idea).  But don't be fooled, they are all hysterical!  And great for prank calls!  "Rock over London, Rock on Chicago, Diet Pepsi, Uh-huh."  This guy is my friend in the mix, he really whips the llama's ass.



new york:



  • Auric Blends - My favorite incense and perfume oils - they smell SOOOOO good! Look for them in a store near you!
  • Bluefly - Some great deals on designer stuff. I have coupon codes if you need them!
  • CDnow: The Internet's Number One Music Store - A great source for quick and easy music purchases or to search for info about an artist/album, etc.
  • EBAY - Find stuff cheap. Find people who want to pay for  your junk.
  • Express - one of my favorite stores
  • The Free Site - Free stuff. Some of it is useful, some not, you be the judge.
  • Old Navy
  • PLAY from Columbia House - No more cards to send back, so you save the effort of writing "RETURN TO SENDER" on some crappy CD every month.


  • Touring Boston - CitySearch's guide to Boston gives you all the inside info on my current place of residence, including local lingo, places to see, places not worth seeing, and how to not look like a total tourist...

personal home pages

  • Ann's Memorial Page - Memorial for my friend Ann who passed away.

  • August Project - information on a cool and very funky band based in Syracuse, featuring my friend Kinyatta on drums.  Includes downloadable samples of their music!
  • Greg's World - The man of many nicknames, such as G-Money and GSM-ONE, and his world of info on Tupac, Dave, the Bulls, and friends you might hear about here.  Just don't tell him he looks like Matt Damon.
  • House of Cheech - Personal homepage for a friend of mine.
  • MaraSong.com - A friend of mine from high school moved out west to try to make it as a musician, and it looks like she is doing pretty well!  Check out this site for more information about Mara and for samples of her songs!
  • Rubinville - Home of one of my Syosset homies, Dave Rubin, with info on his appearances at the finest comedy clubs in NY!
  • Carrie and Jason's Wedding, Trey and Lisa's Wedding
    Great idea, huh? A web page with information on the couple, how they met, wedding information, etc.  Congratulations Jason and Trey!
  • Z's Side O' the Road - Okay, for those of you who don't know, Z is THA MAN.  Visit his funky fresh web site for lots of cool sound bites n' stuff.


other sites i have developed

complete list of links related to the US tragedy of september 11

  • news sites: Newsday, New York Times, boston.com, Boston Globe
  • lycos news photo gallery - collection of some of the moving images, the horrific ones as well as the uplifting ones
  • american red cross - the best way you can help is by donating whatever you can, money, supplies, anything.  includes an online donation form (if you get an error message on the donation page just keep hitting "refresh" or "reload" - obviously their servers are very busy)
  • list of resources (from lycos) - list of various resources, including a number of ways you can help the relief efforts
  • the white house - official website
  • a heartfelt thank you- this is a great site, be sure to turn up the volume as you visit this site with photos from around the world of how the entire human race has come together with love and support for the US
  • search for missing friends or family - please do not use this site unless you are geniunely concerned about someone or know of someone who is safe
  • an important message to all of us -  this slideshow, created before the tragedy but ironically using a photo of the world trade center, reminds us of what is really important and includes an important message for us all during these difficult times
  • report from NYC - email from my dad describing the scene with photos he and my mom took at ground zero and on long island
  • american flag site - everything you need to know about the history and etiquette of the American flag
  • letter from one hero to another - a letter written by a friend of mine, who happens to be a firefighter, to a friend of ours in the military
  • new york online:  a documentary - ok so i somehow wound up watching this pbs documentary (flipping channels, saw the twin towers BEFORE and had to stop to miss them) and it actually was kind of interesting.  did you know that the empire state building was built just AFTER the stock market crash, at the beginning of the great depression?  new york decided to go ahead with the ambitious project to build what was then to be the tallest building in the world (and was supposed to include a dock at the top for blimps where passengers would unload in the sky!) despite the fact that it was one of the bleakest times ever in the city.  the project would show the world that even in the face of adversity new york would stay strong!  anyway this website describes the documentary series, with 2 episodes still to come which i will definitely be watching! 
  • test of courage:  life of a firefighter - yeah it's also a pbs thing.  but i didn't know that when i was sent the link.  lookame, supportin pbs!  anyway this site has all kinds of info on what it takes to be a firefighter.
  • United States Air Force - learn more about the people who are protecting us and fighting for freedom

stuff to read - editorials that have been circulating since the tragedy

images and jokes - Americans use humor to express their anger and frustration
Note:  These are not at all politically correct and may contain strong language and offensive imagery

united we stand...proud to be an american