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jarred & jen bernstein, november 22, 2003
gamble mansion, boston, ma

the before shot - T-minus 17 hours and counting!


ronnie and jon having some drinks in the library


pete, ronnie, newlywed jarred, and jon

the libbys


jen & me

jen & me actin all elegant


jamie and jen


jon and jen



mr. & mrs. bernstein!



it's not every day you see a bride
and groom kickin' it at the bar

hi, i'm ron dawg, and when i'm on the road, i like to pop open a nice refreshing heineken...


jamie prefers stoli raz.

jen and janet get their groove on


jen trying to get around as she is attacked by her dress

more pics are on the way... just gotta wait for the newleyweds' approval ;)