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it was a crazy year at the cohens'! first stephanie got married, then jen and jon got engaged, and then jen hit the big 2-5 on february 9! a month later, jen joined me in boston to celebrate my 25th!

here are some pictures my dad took at jennifer's 25th birthday party at the cohens' house in hewlett... and a few random pics from my 25th birthday taken at jake ivory's piano bar in boston...

for more family photos check out my dad's online photos! he's got a digital camera now! and if you'd like to contribute a photo please email me.

jen's 25th birthday

david and jennifer 

david tells the birthday girl - make a wish!!


jon and jen 

jen takes a break for a photo op with her fiancee jon!  are you guys used to this yet??


barry and howie 

barry and howie goof around


ian, jonathan, david, and daniel 

the goldberg boys - ian, jonathan, david, and daniel

me and jen at jake's

me and jen at jake's in boston

me and megs at jake's

me and my friend megan at jake's