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okay i don't know if these are as funny if you don't know my friends or family.  but let's be real, some of these are hilarious.  i have a lot of fun with these...  here i will post my work for you all to enjoy.  if you have any suggestions, or would like me to alter, touch up, or change a photo in any way, just let me know!


steve the flying nun 

steve the flying nun

g-man and ike 

g-man and ike


greg is an orangeman now 

we knew greg was busy with his career as matt damon, but we had no idea how
multi-talented he really is!


jared and death 

when they said jared hooked up with death at that party they weren't kiddin!


heh beh beh

we're all just so proud of our little geoff spears... he may never leave the house again tho..


yonny strug

In honor of the Olympics...Yonny's golden moment..."Hi, I'm Kerri Struuug!"



jarred and his homie

Bill and Jarred's excellent adventure...I'm not sure why Bill wasn't at the July 4th party...



Elian Photo Contest

(Artist Unknown) Word document with highly entertaining interpretations of the Elian saga...



ca's angels

Ca's Angels - Marcella,
Gregoria, and Iquette



KDR Teletubbies - Nick, Chris B,
Aaron, Cheech


john meyer lopez

John Meyer Lopez's "Rican Gown" at the Grammys


Titanic Yonny/Jimmy

Yonny says, "Look Jimmy!! You can fly with MBAY! MBAY!"


Otto could totally kick Saddam's ass!!