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okay now i know how all those aunts and uncles feel when they say "i remember when you were thiiiiis big!" when i was 14, my cousin ayla came into our lives and i have been lucky enough to watch her grow up. i can clearly remember sitting on my uncle's porch in rhode island on a beautiful spring morning, holding a very tiny ayla as i fed her a bottle. now she is taller than i am and wearing the same shoe size i do. and having more boyfriends than i do. when did this happen??? anyway i couldn't have been more proud watching her in her gorgeous "turn-around dress." the party was amazing, for once the whole family came up here so i didn't have to go all the way to new york to see them. we all were sad that my grandfather ("poppi" as we call him) couldn't make it, but through the miracle of cell phone technology he was able to listen in and even participate in the ceremony which was awesome! anyway here are some pictures courtesy of my dad, more to come in the next few days...

the cousins - me, saul, steph, ayla (sitting), jen, jon, jeremy

more cousins - back row: jen, jon, me, steph, jeremy;
front row: cory, saul, ayla, alec

me, ayla (note how she is taller than me!), jen, jon, mehma, jeremy, steph, saul

tha girls - steph, me, jen, ayla

the cohens and maises - sharon, steph, rina, alec, jen, cory

mom & me

me & jen

me & jeremy

now that's a turn-around dress!

back at the hotel... me and jen, i might have had a beer or two...
jen finally found the old school pic...

pre-party at joe's american cafe - jen, jen, me and amy
(yay, this time they brought people with names other than jen or jon...)