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ashley dawn was born on february 1, 2005 to mommy jen and daddy jon! we are all very excited!

meet the new improved libertoff family! daddy and mommy are so proud!

doggies and babies everywhere!

ashley tells mommy what she thought of that sponge bath!

ashley gets her hair did

is that hair all on MY head??

i gots lots o hair. this could take a while!

if you're a good girl, aunt stephanie will make you a blonde!

aunt steph

ashley meets cousin erica! and i match her room!

the entrance is guarded by a demonic creature!!

catchin some z's before her big day meeting the family

ha ha i got a dimple pic!!

sammy makes sure jen is doing everything right

holding my new cuz!

she's so wittle!

drop da chalupa!

are you lookin at me??

hi uncle howie!

you get the tongue too!

uncle howie can make faces too!

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