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new year's in boston
megan's surprise party/seton hall
homecoming 2001
  new year's 2001, boston, ma

well we bar-hopped at fanueil hall, froze our butts off watchin some amazing fireworks, played some drinking games, sneezed, watched celebrity jeopardy, listened to mp3's, and prepared for the worst storm to never hit new england this century!  here are the quotes from the 2001 boston new year's celebration!

lookame!  FLY-ing E-ven! 

  1. Steve (after people are turned into dust on "Batman"):  Hey, he's spilling the guy!
  2. Greg:  I haven't seen one nun yet.  Russell, you promised me nuns.
  3. Batman:  Flee for your lives!
  4. Mark: I think a more realistic goal for this game is to get all the cards on the table.
  5. Mark:  So there's no face cards on the table.
    Greg:  Right.  Except this one.
    Stacey:  And this one.
    Ca:  And this one.
  6. Ca:  (Following a chorus of belches from the guys)  Ooh, can I play this game too?
  7. Mark:  Up on the 8!!!
  8. Mark (as someone matches a card and Greg counts 30 cards on the table):  Now we've all joined the 30 club!
    Stacey:  No, Ca hasn't got it yet.
    cards and beer, what more could we need?Mark:  OK, Ca... drink 8,000 beers.
  9. Greg:  Down on the 5?
    Mark:  I didn't want that one anyway.
  10. Mark (to Ca):  Get out on the corner and earn your keep!
  11. Mark (as the "asshole"  accidentally flips a card while dealing):  It's a Queen of Spades!  Didn't you see it??
  12. Greg (looking over poster for Boston language institute):  Oh good, I've been wanting to learn Icelandic.
  13. Greg:  That was awesome!  Sucks about your nose tho.
  14. Greg (during "questions" round):  Mark, did you know you have to ask a different questions every time?
    Mark:  Greg, no I didn't.
  15. Greg:  Unleash the fury!
  16. Stacey:  Write something on the window.
    Ike:  I'm gonna write "I love stroganoff."
  17. Ike:  Why are we watching the blue screen?
    Mark:  It's one of those 3-D images.
    do you recognized these masked heroes? 
  18. Mark (re: the beef):  Yeah you're right, it's too well done, and thanks for losing Stacey's jacket.
  19. Greg:  I lavaliered your tree.
  20. New computer game:  "Gregris"  ("Ass-worshipping rim jobber!")
  21. Mark:  What'd you make for dessert?
    Ike:  I made...beer.
  22. Mark:  We'll blame Ike for our troubles.  Like Jesus.
  23. Ike:  You blow soft and you blow hard.
  24. ?:  Someone hit her with the ugly stick.
    Ca:  Someone hit her with the not-quite-hot-but-she-can-suck-a-dick-good-enough-to -get-a-job stick.
  25. Mark (to porn star):  You've been a bad girl.
  26. Greg:  Get in the car Russ, go!
  27. Greg: (sneezes)
    Ca:  SHUT UP!
  28. ?: Call him Charlie!
    dude, where's my day planner? 
  29. Categories: Letters!
    Andy: (drinks)
  30. Ca (after drawin the last King):  I'd rather drink this than go to synagogue Andy.
  31. Ike:  (Counts number of people) Ok...numbers from 1 to 5...
    Ca:  2.5!  2.5!  Ha ha!  You are no match for my wit!
    Greg:  That's not saying much... her parents -
    Ca:  Shut up!!!!
  32. Categories:  Seasons
    Russell:  October.
    ?:  Febtober!
    ?:  Febturday!

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surprise weekend, february 9-11

          megan's surprise party, friday nite - saturday am

  1. huh huh... you called me a moron...Russell:  I gotta inflate again, it hurts when it gets this tight.
  2. If we turn on the TV, Megan will never notice us all sitting here.
  3. Lex:  What are they doing out there?
    Laura:  Smoking.
    Lex: (Gets up and starts for back door)
    Laura:  Cigarettes.
    Lex:  (Frowns and comes back inside.)
  4. Russell:  HERE SHE COMES!  (Looking out the wrong window.)
  5. Russell:  (After Greg has changed his clothes) I reached for you but you were already on the ground!
  6. Russell:  The other guys are just watching TV and drinking beer.
    Trotta:  TV.  Beer.
  7. Ca:  Are you eating my cereal???
    Bryce:  No.
  8. Adam:  Lex, stop rubbing the keg.
  9. Russell:  (Sees Ike sitting in broken chair)  You're a moron.  (Sits and falls through chair.)
  10. Greg:  (Ike's postcard...)  You could remember...or I could remember for you...
    Ike:  I'll fax it to you.
  11. Greg:  Lance is coming.  Don't annoy him too bad Ike.
    Ike:  How can I not?
    Greg:  Touche.
    as laura waits to surprise megan, bryce gives her a surprise of her own 
  12. Morey:  Did you visit munchkinland?
  13. Lance:  My old bones?  It's my ass that's sitting, my ass needs it.
  14. Greg: .....the whore.
    Ca (calls from across the room):  What?
  15. Russell:  Why don't we have more parties where we just wear socks?
  16. Greg:  Russell just says weird shit... apropos, if you will...
    Lance:  Isn't that a salad?
  17. Greg:  I'm one of the best diers ever.
  18. Roommate:  Very sober?  Who are you?
  19. ?:  Did you get stuck?
    Roommate:  Yeah...on the back porch.
  20. Greg:  ..."mistakes" ...and he just walked in the room.
    Ca:  Okay that was really not subtle.
    Lance:  I think I get it now.  ...Well you could have sent me a memo!
    Ca:  He can send you memos, but you have to read them.
  21. Russell (sticking star confetti on forehead):  I feel like I'm Asian.
    Nick Wong:  Excuse me?
    Russell:  Indian.
    i'm crazy balloon hand man, give me candy! 
  22. Megan:  Hips!  Hips!
    Brendon:  I don't have hips!
  23. Russell:  There's gotta be an "on" button... Oh, this is a phone.
  24. Laura:  Fuck fuck shit fuck!
    Russel:  That's what I'm talkin about!  (walks after her)  You're awesome!  Where'd she go??
  25. Megan:  Make sure you wash behind your ears!
  26. Ryan:  It's 2: almost 30
  27. Sara (re: looking at naked men):  Don't play that game with Megan...
  28. Megan:  You broke my nofriendo!
  29. Ca:  Everyone is snorting.  I hope you're happy.
  30. Ca:  I speak (snort).  I can translate.  I know you said (snort)  but you really meant "there'a a phone upstairs."
  31. Sara:  That's not funny when I'm drunk.
  32. Sash:  (playing Mario Bros.) Oh you like that, Mr. ... Thing!
  33. Sara:  Okay last time I checked, you both had feet.
  34. Ca:  Fuckin' turtles.
  35. Zelda:  the Popeye's chicken of Nofriendo.
  36. Sara:  Why are you twitching?
    Ca:  It's all the snorting.  It gives you seizures.
  37. Brendon:  I have my car here.
    Sash:  Brendon, you complete me.
  38. Sash:  I put the seat down, cuz I know chicks like that.
  39. Lex:  They both came at the same time.
    Sara:  That sounded really bad.
    Ca (a minute later):  (cracks up)
  40. Ca:  No, the game is better when they both come at the same time.
  41. Megan:  How many roommates do we have to satisfy??
    Ca:  This place is like fuckin McDonalds...950 Westcott:  Over 8 billion served.

  42. Ike (yells out to house):  Does anyone know where to find level 7?
    Ca:  Isn't there someplace that you can ask one of those old wise men?
    Ike:  Yeah but I'm a guy, I can't ask for directions.

    kdr house, saturday nite
  43. Greg (watching Tracy try to finish off a game of pool after Seton Hall game):  I'm gonna rush the table!
  44. Greg:  We're gonna go on a beer run soon.
    Shaun:  Where are we going?
    Greg:  To get beer?
    no wonder they let ray rush the court, he got connections! 
  45. Shaun:  Can I have my little man back?
    Tracy:  Can't I play with Otto for a few more minutes?
    Shaun:  HE'S NOT OTTO!  He's...little man.
  46. If I could sum up Tracy's game of pool and our beer pong games in one word, that word would be "strategery."
  47. Ca:  Little man just committed suicide.
  48. Greg:  That kid just flipped me off.
    Tracy (stops music):  I want you to apologize...
  49. Ca:  You never said that game was starting.  Just because you start throwing balls doesn't mean we started.
    Tracy:  We're all warmed up now.
  50. Tracy (singing):  Ya'll gonna lose to Ca and Tray...up in here, up in here...
  51. Ca:  Some girl told me we had to beat the guys because "it's a big thing in this house, they don't like it when girls beat them..."
    Megan:  ...and you're like, "Guess what, I was here before you were born."
  52. Ike:  Feel his abs.
    SU beats Seton Hall 63-62Ca:  Heeeeey, weren't you the 3 of diamonds?
    Megan:  I know you, you're Sgt. Joker!
  53. Geoff:  Hey do you have Flock of Seagulls?
    Trotta:  I'll give you a flock of seagulls up your ass...
  54. Tracy (to Geoff as Shaun throws her over his shoulder and carries her away):  What are you looking at?!
  55. Tracy:  Why are your tits hanging out and you're fat?
  56. Tracy:  (dancing)  Do you see what I see?  Do you see what I see?  A whore, a whore, trying ta get a dance on...
    Ca:  Can I make a rap song and just sample that in the background?

    Denny's, sunday afternoon
  57. Greg:  Damn you, scuba Ca!
  58. Ike (after playing the gism game, looks at "Kids Eat Free" sign): Oh no.
  59. Greg (after listening to the orders at Denny's):  First of all, lumberjack is a funny word.  Second, Ike loves meat.
  60. Greg:  She'd be pissed if I died and I didn't call.
  61. Russell:  Oh, that was the same day!  I put those in separate day categories.
  62. Russell (re: Lumber):  I can see one standing there.  Well, not really, but in my head.
  63. Russell:  Wet jeans are cold. (Helping Greg up out of the mud.)
  64. Greg:  Yeah but drunk time is different.  I could have been lying in that puddle for five full minutes.
  65. Greg:  Exasperation.  Pilfer.
  66. Greg:  We met a girl named Libby Chism.
  67. Russell:  9037.  I remembered it: 90 is a year I was alive...and I don't want to be 37.
  68. Greg:  From one Ho bag to another.

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