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fireworks on the charles!

all aboard! dancing required!

happy summer!

so now that it is summer i figured i would get some of the pictures up from spring. first up are some of the pics from vegas in march. celina joined me and my parents for a week at the luxor. vegas baby!! thanks to a new memory card and laptop i was able to take about 500 pictures. no, seriously. this was good and bad. good because there are so many to pick from. bad because... there are so many to pick from. so feel free to check out the first few batches... or you can wait for the whole thing in a few days!

boating season is underway. captain jeff was nice enough to take me and jason out for a sail on a beautiful day, along with lynne, ayla, saul, and brendan. the wind kind of died out on us; jeff thought this was a bad thing, but i was happy to just drift for a while! got a couple cute shots!

for the fourth, my dream of being on the other side of the action at the charles river came true as i boarded the wiffer 2 for a day on the water. a bunch of us cruised around the south shore, took a dip in the ocean near nantasket, and then headed to the charles to float around for a while and get a prime view of the fireworks. there were some amazing views of the boston skyline and the show - about 120 pictures' worth! here are some of the best ones!

have an awesome summer everyone!!


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