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So I got this email telling me all of the bad things muslims have done, and how I should be patriotic and boycott the US Postal Service's commemorative EID holiday stamp. I find this pretty sad. There are plenty of good people who are muslim; to boycott a muslim holiday just because some muslims are bad is not patriotic to me. We are supposed to be a country that encourages freedom of religion, that doesn't act based on hatred, that doesn't encourage discrimination, that doesn't judge based on one's ancestors. I hate to think of good muslims feeling that they are not accepted here because some people who happen to be muslim gave them a bad name. I hate the terrorists but I hate even more the idea that they have made us act like they do. They hate us all just because we happen to be Americans. How is hating all muslims just because they are muslim any different?

I say go buy the stamp - to show that we are better than the terrorists who judge us all based on what group we are a part of. Show them that we don't judge people based on their nationality, and that we refuse to live based on hatred, that we accept those whose views may be different from ours.

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