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well, it's still summer for me!

i don't care what you say. the trade-off of not having summers off like i did in college is that now, nothing changes for me when september starts. so i still consider it summer. :P

okay okay i know everyone wants to see all of this month's pictures. i'm workin on it! there were A LOT. some are not even goin up. but the past few weeks' entertainment is on its way.

first, we had girls' nite out, starring me, jen, her sister chrissy, chrissy's friend arlene, and sarah. we started the nite at the rack. speakin of racks, guys: there is no good pick-up line that begins with "i hope you don't slap me for asking this..." if the drinks weren't so expensive i would have dumped one on him. anyway, what can i say, we were a bunch of hotties. the high point was when the bouncer pulled me on stage and we managed to get all the girls up there. check out the photo evidence! we then headed over to Q. we weren't too impressed. but hey it was free! good times. we didn't get on stage there tho.

last friday was the event we've been waiting for all summer: the great group sox outing of 2004. we met up at boston billiards which is sporting $1 drafts and hot dogs these days. i then attempted to scalp my final extra ticket. a crazy little mexican guy offered to sell me a ticket for $60, but when i said i was selling mine, he offered to give me $10 for it. hmmm. i didn't have to be a business manager to respectfully decline. i did manage to unload the last ticket and we headed in. somehow our group of 25 scattered across fenway but we all had our fun. check it out!

as we recovered from the sox game, a few of us headed to casa de jade for a housewarming cookout. jade's new place rocks. they had beer, a pool, AND a beirut table. what more could you want? congrats on your new place jade!! ok ok the pics are up!

other than that i have been goin to the beach almost every day. and i will keep doing that! so screw you, "back-to-school" ads, summer's not over yet!


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