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meet my new cousin, ashley dawn!

me and the brothers

Happy Birthday to Me

lots goin on right now! we had plenty of excitement with ANOTHER superbowl win for the pats, and the parade, which has become a regular occurrence around here. the same week, jen and jon welcomed their new daughter, ashley dawn, on february 1. i was lucky enough to see her a few days later and watch her get her first sponge bath and her first hair brushing. and let me tell you, she's got a lot of it to brush!! she's very cute and we are all so excited to finally be able to play with her! there are about a million pics of her on various ofoto accounts, but i've got her first web page!

february 26 i was out at SU for a little reunion and caught jim boeheim's 700th win! it was a great game as the orangemen (oops, sorry, "the ORANGE") blew away providence 91-66. and the mystery was solved - that teenage mutant ninja turtle was not providence's mascot, it was the tully's turtle. i get it now! i couldn't figure out what a turtle had to do with the friars. anyway it was great seeing everyone, and thanks to the undergrads for making me feel really old! (this year's freshman were born in 1987!!) check out the pics!

next week i'm off to vegas baby! i'm sure i will have plenty of pics when i get back! i don't care if it's 47° there, as long as i get a few days without having to scrape snow off my car!

see you in the spring!!


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