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badfish is baaack!

happy spring!!!

well i finally joined the 21st century and hooked up a cable internet connection! so now that it won't take me 5 hours to make minor updates to this website, things should flow a lot better! i'm working on some improvements... best of all, i've got a DVD burner, so all the old ca-cam home movies will be goin digital & i'll try to put up some clips for your viewing pleasure. the photo transfer process is also more efficient now so there won't be as long a wait for the interesting shots from my various outings.

speaking of various outings it was a real party week for my birthday! first i had dinner with angelica & jen at rockbottom brewery - they've got some really nice beers in there! wednesday nite jen & sarah & i headed into plymouth for st. patty's day, complete with bagpipes and random drunken irish men. and then the grand finale came on friday nite when badfish hit up jamie's. we had an awesome turnout. jade & i also scored free tickets to their may 22 show so we'll be back for more sublime covers. thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate! check out the pictures!

also the pictures from chaim's party will be up tomorrow!!

and finally, in preparation for summer, the red sox outing is arranged - 25 tickets have been reserved for 8/27. there may be some extras so if you are interested in joining us please let me know ASAP!


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