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me and celina live at the venetian!

me and the rents

happy summer!

or at least it WAS summer for about a week. it's now 50° and raining again. but not for long.

so now that it is summer i figured i would get some of the pictures up from spring. first up are the first batch of pics from vegas in march. celina joined me and my parents for a week at the luxor. vegas baby!! thanks to a new memory card and laptop i was able to take about 500 pictures. no, seriously. this was good and bad. good because there are so many to pick from. bad because... there are so many to pick from. so feel free to check out the first few batches... or you can wait for the whole thing in a few days!

in other news... as of may 1 i am a free woman, working freelance while i look for a full-time job... but in the meantime it is not too upsetting to have to spend my days at the beach!

may 9 angelica and i headed to fenway, where the sox went back to winning games i attend. there was some craziness with manny being hit in the head on his first at-bat, which led to big papi wantin to kick some oakland ass. the sox took care of that tho, with a 13-5 win. we got to take over some of the good seats for the ninth inning so i grabbed some nice fenway shots.

a bunch of us got in on the texas hold 'em craze with poker night at chris' - check out the pics!

other photos you can look forward to in the next week or so... passover at my parents' (aka ashely's big day out)... more of baby ashley & her baby-naming party... and about 400 more vegas pictures!

have an awesome summer everyone!!


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