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how cute are we?!

harbor booze cruise gooood!

sammy partied too hard and
needed some time on the recliner

happy summer!
happy birthday to ike, lynn, and sheli

finally we have had lots of consecutive warm days. i've even gone to the beach a few times! our geese had their babies (cute little pics here and here if you're into the whole nature thing). summer is tha coolest. of course that hasn't made me want to sit here at my computer indoors workin on the website. not to mention i took on a lot of work auctioning my web services on eBay - lots of business for LITTLE pay :( but hopefully in the long run it will be worth it!

i did get around to processing the pictures from ML's graduation party at shawn's, i think it was like a month ago. my bad. check em out. a few are awaiting approval. but most of the good ones are there.

for memorial day weekend i headed to LI for chris and erin's engagement party. it was a blast although i could have lived without the guys trying to throw everyone in the pool... then on monday jen and jon had a barbeque at their new place. we all had a great time watching the two dog cousins chase each other and fight over ice cubes. as you can see in the picture on the left sammy needed some time in the recliner to recover from the stress.

last weekend, sandi, jay, eric, dawn, spencer and i headed down to boston harbor for a fund-raising sunset booze cruise. good times. the view was awesome! we got a little toasty and then headed to the black rose where i met some members of a bachelor party. pretty entertaining. all in all it was a pretty good night altho i spent way more money than i'd imagined i could spend on a 5-drink nite! at least it was for a good cause.

the next day was sally's baby shower. best wishes to her and jeff on the upcoming birth of their baby schuyler! sally is one of three of my coworkers with babies due the same week. pretty exciting! can't wait to post some more baby pics (or at least get some new ones of lauren!!)

coming soon, some red sox games and the 10-year reunion! stay tuned :)


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