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happy 4th!


happy summer!
happy birthday to carlos, sandi, and lauren!!

well it's july already. what the?? there's a lot goin on this summer... coming soon, sox-yankees combined with the democratic national convention should be interesting... then i head to ny for my high school reunion (!)...

but for now i am enjoying the summer as much as possible. tryin to get to the beach altho it's been a little crazy. holiday and barbeque season! recently jen had a bunch of us over for "game nite" at her place. it was very entertaining and made for some good bribe-worthy photo ops.

jen and brendan had a july 3rd barbeque. i finally got to meet their puppy spanky. there were bonfires and fireworks on the beach. good times. check out the pictures.

dad came up for the sox game, it was pretty crazy, the first 2 innings had more action than probably all of the games i've ever seen put together! we met up with jeff, lynne, ayla, and saul and then joined them on their boat.

i got the amazing news that my cousins jen & jon are havin a baby! i'm so excited! it's gonna be a while but i can't wait. in the meantime i have 4 other babies to watch for, 3 of them due in the next few weeks! kristyn is ready to go any day now, i stopped by to visit her and lauren, who is turning 1 already! i can't believe it. she's getting so big, and already walking (or should i say wobbling) when she isn't scootin around on her butt. she's trying to talk and also surprised me by giving me an unexpected high-five! i got some cute shots of her. can't wait for her baby sister to get here!

well happy july everyone, hope you're enjoying the summer!


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