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eddie's epic going-away party

we were almost sober on the way home

happy spring!!!

hey everyone! it's been a fun week, friday night was eddie's going-away party, quite the reunion with the CV crew, good to see everyone again. it was a blast but the jello-wrestling made it a little messy. check out the pics!

last monday was a pretty good day to be in boston. the kenyans surprised everyone by winning the marathon, and i headed into boston to have dinner OUTSIDE with NO JACKET!!!! woo hoo! everyone was in good spirits after the sox beat the yankees, altho the typical boston heartbreak returned as we watched the bruins suck! it was a nice pre-summer night tho!

my 10-year high school reunion is coming up in july, how crazy is that?? i'll be sure to post some updates on what the SHS crew is up to!

the red sox outing is all set - 25 of us takin over fenway on 8/27. i can't wait but at the same time that will mean summer is almost over, so i'm trying not to think about it! in the meantime i'm trying my luck at gettin some tickets on eBay, going to the first game on wednesday AND it's free ice cream day at baskin-robbins!

happy spring!!


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