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we were all excited that both poppi and dad were able to get their drink on with the rest of us!

let it snow...

well you were supposed to see a bunch of pictures from brenda's wedding right about now. thanks to mother nature, that won't be happening. i made it all the way to rhode island before i had to turn back. good times. but i did get to watch the pats kick ass in another snow bowl!

and also thanks to the snowed-in weekend i had some time to get to the backlog of pictures that has built up again. so now without further ado, here are the rest of the pictures from the past few weeks: thanksgiving in jersey, a visit to maureen's nephew mikey, who just turned 1, and a visit to baby lauren!!

pictures from thanksgiving >>
pictures of mikey >>
pictures of lauren >>

in other news, i took some pics of my new friend tucker, who narrowly escaped oncoming traffic and took a ride with me to the animal clinic!

also, there has been a lot of good news lately - congratulations to brian & chris mcgarry, their son benjamin was born on december 4. brian is still serving overseas & we hope he will be home soon! and congrats to yonny, who is ENGAGED! more good news comin soon...

i know, i know, this week is very heavy with babies and puppies, next week i will try to have more pictures of my friends at bars! happy holidays everyone!

baby lauren!

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