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rock on

go, go, go, go jarred, it's yo weddin,
we gonna party like it's yo wedding

the holidays? already??

things have been pretty crazy lately... went to new york for a while to help my dad recover from surgery... he has been recovering fine & should be back to normal (or normal for our family at least) real soon! we are all excited that both he and poppi will be able to partake in the thanksgiving festivities this year!

and now, at last, i had some time to get to the much-anticipated coogans/riptides pictures!! pages and pages of fun... check 'em out! to celebrate being back in boston i headed to coogan's in boston with sandi & jay and some of our friends on friday (11/15), then on saturday we hung out down in plymouth at riptides, returning to jay's place to reminisce about the days of drinking games (which none of us could remember exactly how to play).

pictures from coogans/riptides >>

this past weekend a bunch of the ny'ers came up for jen & jarred's wedding. it was a gorgeous wedding at the gamble mansion in boston, everyone had a blast & we kept the party going at whiskey park & various other spots at the park plaza! jen, jon, jamie & family, & ronnie invaded beantown. we had an awesome time, pictures will be up soon!!

pictures from the wedding >>

i'll be heading to new york this week for the holiday season kickoff! ny friends & family, hope i get to see you all!

happy thanksgiving everyone!!! stay tuned!!!



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