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jen, me, jamie, stephanie
jen, me, jamie, steph at tony's in manhattan

dad, me, jeremy, mom
one of the ancient pics from the collages


as you may have guessed, august is a pretty big month for celebrating in our family. so last weekend we threw a party for mom & dad's 30th anniversary, it was great to see everyone, hope you all had a great time!

i headed down to LI thursday nite. friday i met up with some of the SHS crew for dinner and drinks courtesy of my brother, your friendly friday's bartender. saturday the cousins and i hit up tony's in manhattan to celebrate stephanie's birthday. if you haven't been there, GO! NOW! i still can't believe how good their food is.

sunday was the big party. everyone was there, including poppi in his big debut, complete with his "captain" hat. we hope to see him out again soon! thanks to sheli, esther, jeff & lynne for helping out, and to all of them and mehma for contributing all of the photos and original wedding invitations that we used in the collages! i have posted some of them, check them out!

me and lauren

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