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highlights of the last album posted

nantasket beach, FINALLY got there!!

happy spring!!!
Happy Birfday Tenacious E, Jay, Jeremy, Kristyn, Fleischer, and Jarred!

aaaaahhh i got behind again in updating this website. let's see, since the last installation, i've been selling my web design services on ebay to make some extra money, got out of my ticket, spent the money the ticket would have cost, and FINALLY spent some time at the beach. so close and yet already we are so far back into 50° weather, and now i have a cold. party on!

last week was eric and jay's birthdays, a bunch of us met up at the brew house. pics coming real soon, i promise! fri nite, met up with jen and sarah and some other mba people at kings. good times (altho the place is NOT easy to find).

saturday shawn had a graduation party for ML, i wasn't dressed for the cold and after a few hours of outdoor beer pong i'm not feelin so good this week! fun nite tho.

this week: 24 season finale (and no more new epsiodes until next january, BOO FOX!!!)... friday i'll be heading to ny for erin & chris' engagement party and a barbeque to introduce the family to the libertoffs' crazy new apartment on the beach! YAY 3-DAY WEEKENDS!

hang in there everyone, summer's almost here!!


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