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groovin at the valentine's day
bar crawl, faneuil hall

a nite at ned devine's
(27?? OH my GOD!!!!!)

more than one day above freezing!!!

yes, finally it looks like it might actually be spring someday. in the meantime i am trying to get caught up on all the winter pictures. sorry guys, i didn't realize i forgot to put up the badfish shots so here they are!

also here is the complete collection from the superbowl parade!! some nice close-ups of the top players!!!

next was the valentine's day bar crawl with linda & her roommate deanna & a bunch of singles. at last i discovered the wonder of the scorpion bowl! also kristin came up for the weekend & joined us for the crawl & a nite at comedy connection.

also jen g & i met up with her friend amy & the bernstein newlyweds at ned devine's paris club. see some pics!

and on to march... i spent last weekend in ny w/ a surprise 40th birthday for cousin chaim... pics from that will be up soon... now i'm back in MA and brought some spring weather back with me, let's hope it stays put!! a group outing to a sox game is in the works, anyone interested let me know!

happy spring everyone!!




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