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mvp tom brady and the trophy lead
the parade through boston


the parade ends with a rally at government center as the team celebrates with the trophy


so let's recap the past few years, shall we? since i moved to new england, the patriots won their first superbowl. then SU won their first NCAA championship. then the red sox ALMOST made it to the world series. and now, for the second time in 3 years, the patriots win ANOTHER superbowl!!! i have definitely been picking the right teams to root for! the past week has been a blast... saturday night we had a big turnout for the badfish show. if you haven't heard of them, they are a sublime tribute band and they are AWESOME! they sound so much like sublime!

sunday i headed into boston to watch the big game at coyote ugly. the fleet center area was definitely not where all the superbowl action was that night, but it was still a good time (and pretty cheap with all the free drinks & appetizers!) the first half was pretty uneventful, but the second half of the game was insane. i don't remember much about the third quarter because all the free drinks caught up with me but the adrenaline seemed to burn them off by the 4th, when we had a few scares with yet another vinatieri field goal in the final seconds and the PATRIOTS WIN!!!!!!

tuesday i joined about a million fans for the parade to celebrate the pats' homecoming with the vince lombardi trophy. i headed down earlier than last time to hopefully be able to actually see something this year. i never thought i could be on survivor, but apparently i am able to stand in one spot in the freezing cold for 2 1/2 hours. finally, at about 1:10 PM the team drove by not even ten feet in front of me. it was all so fast that i'm still not sure if the 2 1/2 hours were worth it, but i did get some good close-ups of all the key players and the trophy!

i know you all are dying to see this week's pictures but i have about 60 of them to edit right now. so stay tuned, i'll be workin hard to get them on here as soon as possible! in the meantime here are some previews!

(update: pats parade photos)


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