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the pats knocked out the colts to take
the afc title & a spot at superbowl xxxviii

the shock of being favored in a superbowl
had some strange effects on pats fans


the pats' winning streak continues... all the way to the SUPERBOWL! the brew crew met up again to watch the destruction of peyton manning & his colts as the pats took the afc championship. and now it's on to houston! not sure where i will be watching the game yet but it'll be somewhere in boston!!

pics from the afc championship celebration>>

tune in sunday, february 1, as the patriots take on the carolina panthers at superbowl xxxviii!!

in other news, it is still pretty freakin' cold up in here, with a major heat wave this week as temps hit the upper 20s! come on, it's pracitcally beach weather!



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