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texans barto and angel dropped in
on boston for new year's eve


30° is considered a heat wave...

okay, i don't think it could possibly get any colder around here. today i believe the high was about 7°. which is warm compared to the 4° forecast for friday. it's pretty scary when 20° is considered a heat wave. the only ones who seem to be benefitting from this cold snap are the patriots, trying for the superbowl on sunday, when it will be about 20° warmer than their last game, compared to 20° colder than the colts' last win. let's hope that's all it takes to get the job done! a bunch of us will be watching at the brew house, hope to see you there!

other than that it was a pretty uneventful holiday season. did some holiday baking, got run off the road by a random brazilian, watched some football. ya know, the usual stuff. last week i braved the first cold snap to catch sevendust at avalon. we were supposed to head to faneuil afterwards but jillian's was a lot closer and a lot less exposure to the elements! not much going on this week except the PATS! hopefully that will provide some interesting photos for next week!

stay warm everyone!

happy new year!



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