What a freakin week.

I can't believe I'm making plans for the FOURTH WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP PARADE in my 6 years in Boston!!!

I'm proud of our little D-NABB... but I wasn't ready to go back to the days where I rooted for teams that lost!
Maybe next year, D-NABB!
For now, the Patriots are WORLD CHAMPIONS once again. DYNASTY BABY!!!!

Not a big surprise that the Patriots' website seems to have crashed :O I'll try to have links to their articles & a snazzy background soon :)

And speaking of babies... let's have a big welcome for ASHLEY DAWN and her world champion parents, JEN AND JON!!!
I don't think any of the Patriots could do what Jen did!! :P
Ashley was born on February 1 – she almost came out a few weeks ago but heard the forecast and decided to wait for the Superbowl.
Pics will be up shortly!!

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