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the team with their trophy after winning our first NCAA championship title ever!
(AP/Sue Ogrocki)



otto kicks saddam's ass

otto could TOTALLY kick saddam's ass!!



well in case you hadn't heard by now, my orangemen are the national champs. i am still excited about that even tho it's been, like, two weeks.

otto danceslast week i headed to long island to visit the family. the trip there was less than fun. when we're done with iraq, can we blow up connecticut? all it does is get in the way when you are trying to get from MA to NY or vice versa. i'm not a big fan of greenwich right now. they don't seem to feel it's important to tell you how to stay on route 1. so after asking for directions about 5 times i got back onto 95 in time for rush hour. fun fun. luckily the trip back was very pleasant, including an almost perfect ferry day.

passover was fun, it's great to see a bunch of adults get drunk and make animal noises. jen, steph, and i cracked ourselves up the whole way home. it was sad not having my grandfather join us, but we visited him during the day and he's doing much better. he was cracking jokes as usual and is looking forward to sammy (jen's chihuahua) coming to visit. speaking of sammy, he needs to try some decaf, but that's another story.

between the mall with mo and ikea with my parents, i stocked up on some summer clothes and home furnishings. for those not aware, ikea is pretty much the coolest furniture store ever. unfortunately (or fortunately for my credit cards) there isn't one near me so i have to go a little crazy when i'm in ny.

hope everyone had a nice passover/easter!



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