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2 of the jens - ladies' nite!

jen's martha-stewarty stoli
ras, complete with raspberries!

matt doesn't know it but
he is my future husband

it's almost that time of year!

yup, just one more week until the st. patty's day birthday bash! i was so honored to move to boston and find that they throw a huge celebration for my birthday every year. okay, it might have something to do with the fact that my birthday coincides with st. patty's day. and that like 97% of boston is irish. but i like to think the parades, green beer, and visits from half my out-of-town friends are all in my honor. it looks like this year it will still be chilly, but i intend to party it up this weekend! anyone who will be in the boston area and wants to join in the fun, LET ME KNOW!!! i don't know the plan yet but i am open to suggestions.

so the big news is, i finally found that letter in which a tweeter center employee promised me free pearl jam tickets!!! so i will now be spending TWO nights sitting pretty close to pearl jam. (those of you who don't remember, my first pearl jam experience 3 years ago was marred by a drunken obnoxious idiot who threw up on me and passed out in my friend's seat. so i wrote a letter and bam, free tickets!)

this past weekend i hung out with 2 of the jens. jen #1 had us check out her new couch, and made me a nice stoli raspberry concoction complete with real raspberries. (i think i will just start callin her martha stewart, there are too many jens anyway.) we went to the local mall to see "how to lose a guy in ten days," which was pretty cute, and had a lot of shirtless matthew mcconaughey shots, what could be bad. it was kind of weird because it had the first shots i have seen in a film so far of nyc minus the twin towers. but it was nice to see all the new yawk flavor. we felt very old upon arriving amidst a sea of 12-15-year-olds, mostly in belly shirts and too much makeup. i forgot that's what they do on friday nights. i don't think we used to dress like that when we were their age tho...

anyway please get in touch with me if you want to meet up for the st. patty's day birthday bash! oh and let's all hope they don't start world war iii on my birthday!!



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