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illustrations provided by steven tyler's son


soooo close... want to touch the hydrant...
my island scene, complete with palm tree

is it spring yet??

can you believe it hasn't been 6 months since the last update of this page? so... there is still some snow out there. but of course that hasn't stopped my office from hitting temperatures of about 90°. it feels like it's summer but is more of a shock to go outside when it's still 20° out there. i had decided that i was going to decorate my office with a tikki bar motif. some fake palm trees maybe, and some tikki torches. and definitely a kiddie pool filled with snow to cool off. but of course on monday they decided to just not put the heat on, so it was a comfy 20° inside too. the good thing about that i was able to draw in the palm tree/tropical island scene in the frost that formed on the inside of the windows. how cool is that!

friday one of the jens had a bunch of friends visit from RI and we all went out to mount blue. you may have heard that pretty much every girl i know now is named jen. and half the guys i know have names that start with "j" too. when my cousins and their friends come to visit it's jen, jen, jen, jon, jon, jarred, and me. if my brother comes along, throw in jeremy. so it was no surprise that jen's friends' names were jenny, joanna, and jill. maybe next time they will visit while my cousin is here and i can invite the other 4 jens i too! anyway, mount blue was cool, altho there were some interesting characters floating around, but they had a great band. of course, since i had a camera this time, steven tyler didn't stop by. so i had to settle for a picture of his son's artwork in the bathroom. i feel like such a groupie now.

speaking of groupies i now will be seeing pearl jam TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW! a second night was added in boston, and i finally found the email in which a tweeter center employee promised me free tickets!! aww yeah!

if you haven't seen the new pictures check them out! there will be lots more now that i got my new digital camera!



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