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birthday bear from maureen :)

oldest eating establishment in america

happy st. patty's day!

well i had to miss out on the st. patty's day parade this year, but luckily i had an awesome birthday celebration! friday nite i went out with angelica for dinner at joe's american bar and grill at the south shore plaza mall. while we waited at the bar for a table, a couple got engaged right in front of us! it turns out they had their first date there (angelica had to ask as she wasn't sure a bar at the mall was an optimal proposal location). so that was exciting. not so exciting was the SU game as they lost to U-conn, but it's all good. i still have faith that next time i tune in they won't suck.

saturday i went shoppin armed with a big express coupon and some birthday cash. those who donated can check out what i bought! thanks!!!! saturday nite i met up with a bunch of my friends for a night out at faneuil hall in boston. first we went to the union oyster bar, which, as it turns out, is the oldest eating establishment in america! (we actually picked it because there was no line and no cover.) then me, angelica, tony, kristin, ike, and tim hit "boston rocks," which is pretty cool despite the cheesy name. i had an awesome time! but was a little too wiped out to make it to the parades on sunday. but it was finally warm enough to start some spring cleaning! sunday nite i headed to jeff & lynne's for cake :) a great birthday weekend! thanks to everyone who participated/sent cards/called/etc.


have an awesome st. patty's week everyone!



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