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PJ tickets

the tickets that i waited for all this time and somehow managed to not lose


boston fireworks

boston's fourth of july celebration on the esplanade, apparently only attended by tourists and imported new yorkers


my patriotic nail polish
my annual patriotic manicure and pedicure


hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th. it has been a nice mini-vacation for me. wed and thurs nite i headed to the tweeter center for PEARL JAM!!! ok i was pretty disappointed with the fan club fiasco. after following their strict procedure for ordering, including a 2-ticket limit, paying in cash, gettin there early to wait on a long-ass line, i finally got my tickets... and they were almost the same as the seats i got through ticketmaster 3 years ago. oh well. at least this time i sat next to a true hyped-up fan instead of a drunken idiot, and this time i didn't get thrown up on either. luckily the complimentary seats that made up for that were much better, and thursday nite i could actually see eddie's face! we were 20-something rows back and the second show was even better than the first! they did a lot of the old-school favorites and between the two nites, they got to almost all of the songs i was dying to hear. i had an awesome time and hey, every show i am getting closer to the stage. my question was, if i had to get puked on to get 20-something row seats, what do i have to do to be in the front row??

i managed to make it to the esplanade for the fourth. nick (or "el slick" as we call him) was visiting from PA, after missing for about 4 years (we think maybe he was on the run with osama and we're gettin ready to claim our $25 mil). so me, el slick, andy, and slick's seester headed into boston for some awesome fireworks. the nite concluded with some live entertainment on the T as a belligerent guy tried to get the crap beat out of him. some more heat and a pool party planned for the weekend and then back to reality. hope everyone had a blast. go USA!

and the meaning gets left behind, although innocence - all the innocents - lost at one time... we're all different behind the eyes... there's no need to hide, we're safe tonite...

- pearl jam



what's not that old?


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