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soooo close... want to touch the hydrant...



this snow drift outside our offices is about 5 feet tall...

is it spring yet??

so monday would have been my friend ann's birthday. she passed away in september and i hadn't changed this page since then, so i figured it was time to get on it. we had some friends come up from dc and we all went out and partied in her memory.

so what is new with me? well first of all i'm ready for it to be spring already! usually i don't mind winter, but come on already! this presidents' day storm was pretty cool i must say. i threw some pictures up but they don't do it justice. in most places the snow is at least up to my waist and in a lot of places it is taller than i am. finally it is above 40° now tho. it should make for a nice slushy mess this weekend, when it is supposed to rain.

let's see... things have been crazy at work. the EPA is givin us about 3 weeks to finish a huge website. so that should be nice and insane. i had the flu and was sick for pretty much all of january. somewhere in the middle of all that was my cousin's bat mitzvah. went back to ny for a few days for my cousin jen's birthday and my friend chris' wedding. hung out with part of the triplex crew for the first time in about 5 years. saw maureen's nephew mikey who is 2 months old and sooooooooo cute. oh and the biggest news of all is that my friend kristyn is going to have a baby in july!!! she has been trying for about 2 years so i am VERY happy for her!!! oh and i am goin to see pearl jam in july! we'll see if the fan club membership will finally get me close enuf to see eddie!!

other than that i am very excited that joe millionaire picked zora, and i can't believe that trista picked ryan. and that aaron, what a bastard. and i can't believe i know who all these people are. well until the next time i update this page in like 6 months have an awesome year and hopefully next time i write here it will be to tell you how i spent the day at the beach!!!!



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