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happy 4th!


congrats to kristyn & mike and sally & jeff!! happy birthday mom & steph!

well 2 of our 3 PSGS babies due in july have arrived. kristyn and mike's second baby, kathryn, was born on july 21, a year and a day after baby #1! sally's first baby, schuyler, was born a week later. everyone is doing fine! congrats! can't wait to meet the new babies and get some pictures. in the meantime here are some cute shots of big sister lauren from my visit a week before kathryn arrived.

a bunch of us met up at coogan's on friday to celebrate jade's 30th! pics will be up this week...

made it to the SHS reunion. so weird! a lot of people look the same. tryin to find people with pictures, since i forgot to bring extra batteries for the camera :( good to see everyone!

holiday and barbeque season still in effect! recently jen had a bunch of us over for "game nite" at her place. it was very entertaining and made for some good bribe-worthy photo ops.

jen and brendan had a july 3rd barbeque. i finally got to meet their puppy spanky. there were bonfires and fireworks on the beach. good times. check out the pictures.

i got the amazing news that my cousins jen & jon are havin a baby! i'm so excited! it's gonna be a while but i can't wait.

well, hope everyone's enjoying the summer!


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