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the team with their trophy after winning our first NCAA championship title ever!
(AP/Sue Ogrocki)



otto kicks saddam's ass

otto could TOTALLY kick saddam's ass!!



otto cheers


7 YEARS AGO i was not a big fan of basketball. but i got caught up in 1996's march madness, SU's last trip to the finals. first it was the sweet sixteen, and an exciting win, and i thought, this is so awesome, the drama, the excitement, could they actually go all the way? then there were 8, they were still in it, then they won at the final four, oh my god, could they actually do it, could my school be #1 in the nation??? the mad dash for M street, a party like i had never seen before, strangers hugging each other, screaming "one more game!!" and then, heartbreak, thinking it could actually happen and then BAM a bartender from kentucky handed me an orange as a consolation prize and i wanted to punch him. and i was hooked on the adrenaline rush of SU basketball, despite the letdowns of the past 7 years.

and then we were back. i didn't want to get too into it this year, or think "what if" or talk smack to the fans of other teams. i played it cool. deep down i really thought maybe this will really be it. but still i didn't think it could really happen.

BUT IT HAPPENED!!!!!!!! somehow they pulled it off, for the first time ever, syracuse is the NCAA BASKETBALL CHAMPS BABY!!!!!!!!!!, the best in the nation!!!!! as usual i was a little worried during the first half - i am always more comfortable when they are behind and then make a comeback, rather than when they take the lead right away. a syracuse fan is always more confident in the possibility of a random miracle than in the ability to hold on to a lead. but they just seemed to stay ahead and before i knew it i thought the clock had run out, i thought maybe i saw everyone in the bar jumping up and down screaming. i had to take another look, maybe there was a second or two and kansas would have the ball and shoot a 3 and steal it from us. but no, it was over and WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!

otto dancesso to all the 57 people i called on my cell phone, sorry i couldn't hear you, sorry if i woke you up but WE'RE #1!!!! WE'RE #1!!!!! hope you all had as much fun as i did!!!

i am making an attempt at some quick comments and pictures here, bear in mind it is now 2:41 AM and i am very pumped up yet need to get up for work ina few hours so i will make this fast... more editing tomorrow nite but here is some of the fun...

click for pictures | full story from the DO

thank you ann!!!



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