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otto kicks saddam's ass

otto could TOTALLY kick saddam's ass!!

otto cheers

GO SU!!!

well it WAS spring, at least for a few days, before snow came pouring down again this week. saturday jen and brendan had a little barbeque thing. those forecasters were right on the money as usual, predicting a beautiful day saturday (it was beautiful, for about an hour when it wasn't raining...). but hey i was wearing open-toed shoes and no coat, so it's all good! i warned all those who said "finally, no more snow," but did they listen? no, they had to jinx it. but i still have hope that soon i will be sittin on my beach gettin a tan!

speaking of jinxing it, i am not going to say anything about the orangemen finally making it back to the final four, or my predictions. i will just say i am very proud, and very bummed that i amnot at syracuse to party like it's 1997! otto dancesaltho i am CONSIDERING making a trip there this weekend... oh and (random fact) did you know that taye diggs went to SU? i did not know that. anyway wish the team luck! anyone in the boston area who would like to join us to watch the game, let me know! (PS this page is not usually orange)



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